Apple/Intel Deal: Too Much Hype

The buzz today was focused on the confirmation of previous reports that Apple (AAPL) will begin using Intel (INTC) chips in its computers, after years of an exclusive partnership with IBM (IBM). In addition to IBM, former Motorola subsidiary Freescale (FSL) is also seen as a loser in this deal, as they manufacture those chips for use in Apple products.

While this shift is interesting, and certainly reiterates the notion that IBM has been long extincted as far as technology bellwethers go, the investment impact should be downplayed in my opinion. Nothing about this change is going to meaningfully boost, or hurt, corporate profits for any of the major players.

Apple isn’t going to sell more computers simply because they sport “Intel Inside.” Additionally, Apple only accounts for 2 or 3 percent of total business for IBM and Freescale. Intel has been deemed the “biggest” winner of all, but Apple only has a little more than 3% of the world market for personal computers.

All in all, anything more than a slight move in the share prices of these companies, based on the Apple/Intel partnership, should be seen more as hype than substance.