Cramer Pump Sends NMTI Up 34% After Hours

Nothing really surprises me anymore, but today’s action in NMT Medical (NMTI) is absolutely ludicrous. NMTI is a micro cap medical device company that closed today’s regular session at $17 per share.

Tonight on CNBC’s Mad Money show, Jim Cramer led off the hour-long episode by recommending NMTI, saying it could go to $100 if their new migrane product is approved. If the trials fail, his downside projection was $10 a share. Given the risk/reward he sees, Cramer pumps the stock for several minutes and the stock quickly jumps over 33%, or $6 per share, to $23 and change.

The reason I bring this up is because NMT Medical is one of 10 stocks featured on Peridot Capital’s 2006 Select List, published earlier this month. Thanks to many individual investors who were silly enough to put in a market order to buy, simply based on Cramer’s recommendation, I was able to sell a decent chunk of stock at between $23.09 and $23.75.

First of all, if you purchased our 2006 Select List and are lucky enough to be holding shares of NMTI right now, I strongly suggest taking some profits tonight in after-hours trading, or on Monday if the mark-up holds early next week. There is no fundamental reason for the stock to be up at all, let alone more than 30 percent.

It is true that the company’s devices could be a huge hit if they prove effective, but human trials have not been completed. This stock is very speculative, as was noted in our report, and is not for every investor. In fact, we tabbed it the lone “speculative pick” in the group of 10 companies we profiled in the report. Please trade with caution, especially if you are a fan of Cramer’s show. These are very dangerous waters for retail investors.

Another interesting twist is that NMT, not NMTI, spiked $5 during Cramer’s show, as investors bought the wrong stock with a similar ticker symbol. NMT is a municipal bond fund that closed at $15, but some people paid $20+ for it in after-hours trading. Another example that if you’re not careful, you can lose 25% of your money on a trade within minutes.