I’m Not Holding My Breath for a Dell-RadioShack Deal

I get a kick out of some of the ridiculous deals that are rumored on the Street. Did anyone really think Sears Holdings (SHLD) would buy Anheuser Busch (BUD)? The latest story comes to us from Business Week, speculating that Dell (DELL) could buy RadioShack (RSH) in an attempt to reinvigorate its business after Hewlett Packard (HPQ) has kicked their butt for a while now.

How does this rumor get published? There is no evidence whatsoever that Dell would even consider buying an electronics retailer. Did RadioShack shares really jump 6% Monday on this story? It’s insane. Remember the Gateway Country store concept? Huge bust. That was nearly as bad as waltzing into large corporations trying to sell computers in cow boxes.

The current market environment is very conducive to spreading M&A rumors. After all, the sheer volume of deals right now is astounding. That said, don’t put stock into the stories that don’t really make any sense. If you are looking to sell some stock, use these temporary bumps to sell into the rumors if you don’t think they have merit. A client of mine did that with BUD when merger rumors surfaced, and it proved to be the top in the stock.

I didn’t sell any RSH Monday into the rally, but that is because I like the stock for other reasons, not based on a silly buyout rumor. If anyone was going to buy RSH, you’d think it would be Sears, not Dell.

Full Disclosure: Long shares of RadioShack and Sears Holdings at time of writing