With Consumers Paring Back, Netflix Business Gets Stronger

If people are looking to cut back on discretionary spending, the Netflix (NFLX) mail order DVD service can obviously help. Rather than spending $30 at a theater for a couple to see a movie and order some snacks, a Netflix subscription can cost half that for an entire month. Not surprising, fourth quarter sales and earnings at Netflix (reported last night) were very impressive and the stock is soaring today, trading up near $35 per share.

Despite being relatively recession-proof, Netflix stock at current levels doesn’t get me very excited from a value standpoint. One can certainly justify a 2009 P/E north of 20, as it is today, but as a value investor that is not cheap enough for me to get overly excited, despite the strong business fundamentals. I will, however, continue to make good use of my Netflix subscription, and I highly recommend it.

Full Disclosure: No position in Netflix at the time of writing, but positions may change at any time