Have Your Retirement Plans Changed Due To The Recent Stock Market Decline?

This is a common question many people are trying to figure out these days. Can they retire? If so, when? Will they have to work longer than they thought just a year or two ago? What kind of investment returns are required to retire when they want to? What are the best investment options to achieve those returns with the least amount of risk?

I just sent out my quarterly client letter and included for the first time a retirement projection worksheet to help my clients answer some of these questions. As clients I am offering to run retirement projections for them for free, but I decided that since many of my readers are approaching retirement age, I would offer to do the same for them for a small fee.

If you would like some clarity on your current outlook for your retirement, feel free to download and complete Peridot Capital’s retirement projection questionaire. For a one-time fee of $99 (sorry, it is free for clients only) I will be happy to run your personalized retirement projections to give you more comfort in your retirement plan and the timetable for it. You can also discuss the completed projections with me upon receipt (allow 2-4 weeks for the projections to be completed, based on demand) if you would like.